About Toi Toi

Toi Toi is the principal wine brand produced by Marlborough Wine Limited.

Formed in March 2006, Marlborough Wine Limited has become one of the recent success stories of New Zealand’s wine industry, growing rapidly to become a Category Two winery and one of the Top 30 wine producers in New Zealand by volume.

Marlborough Wine Limited is essentially a family business, held and managed by the Joyce and Bonner families, with Kevin Joyce and Andrew Bonner as directors.

Kevin is a Chartered Accountant and was the acting CEO/Commercial Manager for Tohu Wines prior to establishing Marlborough Wine Limited. His strong commercial and finance skills and experience in the New Zealand wine industry have been key contributions to the businesses success.

Andrew is a former Managing Director of Foster’s Group New Zealand and the South Pacific. With over 22 years of experience in leading sales and marketing roles in the liquor industry, his strategic marketing and sales skills have enabled the company’s brands and wines to become quickly established in key overseas markets.