Our Story

Nothing beats enjoying a great wine with friends and that is what Toi Toi is all about.

We create quality wines for people to enjoy

We create quality wines for people to enjoy, which at the same time showcase New Zealand's diversity and beauty.

New Zealand is renowned for many things, foremost among them is our pristine environment and the relationship between the people, the land and our wines. Toi Toi takes its cue from these relationships creating wines with flavour, body and character that are perfect for every occasion. Toi Toi wines are "Inspired by Nature".

Even our name comes from nature; Toi Toi (pronounced Toy Toy) is a graceful native flowering grass that is quintessential New Zealand. Just like grape vines, Toi Toi have adapted to New Zealand's awe inspiring, diverse sub-regional climates providing inspiration for our winemaking.

We aim to create quality, distinctive New Zealand wines by sourcing premium varietals from the regions in which they are most renowned, such as Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir.

We aim to make wines that are enjoyable to drink

Owned by Kevin and Sara Joyce and Andrew and Julie Bonner, Toi Toi was established in 2006.

Since then our two families have continually strived to bottle the best of New Zealand to share with wine lovers around the world. It goes without saying quality is our focus, but we also aim to make wines that are enjoyable to drink.

Kevin and Andrew together with our Head Winemaker, Chris Young are seasoned wine professionals, with the group boasting more than 65 years of collective experience. It is not all winemaking and selling though.

All three share two loves: wine and a passion for New Zealand’s outdoors.

Just like the Toi Toi grape vines, we have adapted to New Zealand's awe inspiring, diverse sub-regional climates. Ranking as one of NZ's sunniest and driest regions, Marlborough is responsible for more than 75% of the country’s wine production. The Toi Toi team are talented growers who take pride in harvesting distinctive and quality New Zealand wines from their finest vines. The Toi Toi grape vines thrive in harsh and varying conditions, being exposed to extreme sub-regional climates.

There is a quality Toi Toi Wine for every taste

When they’re not working they enjoy nothing more than getting out and enjoying the country’s diverse landscape.

Kevin will be found on the water fishing or on the greens of the golf course perfecting his game.

Outside of working hours Andrew can be found tending to his organic farm or in the water surfing, while Chris will most likely be in the bush hunting for deer.

Whatever wine you enjoy, there is a quality Toi Toi wine for every taste — enjoy!