Our Winemaker

A Marlborough local with more than 25 years winemaking experience.

Chris Young

Following his winemaking training at South Australia’s prestigious Roseworthy College, Chris’s thirst for knowledge and experience has taken him to the corners of the world most renowned for winemaking. Chris has worked in France, Australia and the USA, as well as his native New Zealand.

His international winemaking exploits, have seen Chris gain valuable knowledge from families who have been making wine for generations. It’s this understanding of world wine styles and tastes, which allows him to create Toi Toi wines for everyone to enjoy.

Toi Toi's world renownved resident winemaker, Chris Young, has valuable knowledge from generations of winemaker families. The Toi Toi team use a range of machinery in harvesting our distinctive and quality New Zealand grapes. Winemaking is a family affair at Toi Toi, even the pooch gets involved. The Toi Toi grape vines have adapted to New Zealand's awe inspiring, diverse sub-regional climates.

Great wines are made in the vineyard

Chris believes the winemaking wisdom that great wines are made in the vineyard and therefore, he spends a good deal of each year working alongside Toi Toi’s vineyard managers and growers, ensuring that the fruit is of the highest quality.

As well as his undoubted winemaking skills, Chris is also particularly adept at fishing, hunting and hiking and can often be found amongst the vines with his dogs, Jed and James.