Here’s the best places to buy Toi Toi wines.

New Zealand Retailers

Toi Toi wines are available throughout New Zealand. You will be able to find them in selected stores or online. Our online orders are processed by Black Market, NZ’s #1 online wine community.

Australia Retailers

Toi Toi wine are available in Dan Murphy’s stores throughout Australia.

International Distributors

For International Distributor details please contact:


David Jones


Kevin Joyce
Jon Reynolds
Mid West/Great Lakes
Boomer Beverage (Ph. +1 410 322 8800)


David Jones


Cameron Gordon


Aperevu Trading Company


Contact one of our Sales Team to enquire about stocking your Restaurant, Bar, Hotel or Cafe.

Upper North Island

James Filbry
M: +64 (0) 27 565 2855

Mike Wheeler (On Premise and Traditional Liquor)
M: +64 022 2811464

South Island

David Jones
M: + 64 (0) 21 179 1427

Lower North Island

Gurjit Singh BARRY
M: + 64 (0) 210 859 2252